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Most people plant trees wrong.Here’s how to make sure they’re rooted

Whether you’re planting trees for environmental reasons or just to beautify your yard (both are great!), researching the specific needs of the tree in question is a good place to start.Some people need more water, some people need less water.Some thrive in a variety of climates, while others are more specific.Some people need full sun, while others are better off with a little shade.
But no matter what kind of tree you plant, two simple steps in the process are often missed and are critical to giving your leafy friend the best chance of rooting.It all depends on how you dig the hole.For more tips, read how to start a garden and how to grow vegetables without a backyard.
When you dig a hole to plant your tree, it’s easy to dig it into the shape of most holes: you know, a circle.After all, the root ball is called a “ball” for a reason.It all seems to make sense.
But – especially if your soil is sticky – if you plant a tree in a bowl-shaped hole, they can easily treat it like a real bowl.Basically, their roots swell in the soft soil you use to backfill the hole, but as they meet the harder edge of the hole, they follow the shape, wrap around each other and eventually become roots.
This can stunt the tree’s growth and even cause it to die prematurely.(Rest in peace, the serviceberry tree I planted in the days of ignorance.)
2. Leave a small hill at the bottom of the hole for the root ball to rest on.The shape will guide the roots outward due to the square’s corners, and will guide the roots downward due to the slope of the bottom of the hole.
Backfill the hole with soft soil and soak the entire area thoroughly so the roots can start exploring their new environment.Then let nature take its course.If you choose the right tree in the right place – as long as you don’t get unlucky (knock on wood) with some nasty bacterial infection – the tree should stand out in the home and make your home more attractive power road.
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Post time: May-30-2022