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Grow Tents are planted to help growers harvest crops at ideal temperatures

Avoiding high temperatures is a challenge faced by many indoor growers, although the problem can be tackled in different ways. Here are some of the most effective ways you can keep the perfect temperature in your growing tent for optimal plant growth. Carbon dioxide

As simple as it sounds, using carbon dioxide can be very dangerous, as it only helps when it exceeds the normal optimum temperature for growing tents. From basic biology, we all know that carbon dioxide is critical for plant photosynthesis, so what captures it is when you increase carbon dioxide levels to plant tent levels and help perform more efficiently throughout the crop, thus maintaining normal function even in hot conditions.

Air cooled lighting

The mechanism for this action is very simple, all it does is use an extractor to push air through the lamp, and then use aluminum or insulated pipes to remove hot air from your growth tent. Sound track is better than aluminum because it does more cooling than aluminum. So, all in all, the air-cooled lamp contains a glass bottom that creates a suitable passage for air. Cool air is released through these channels and dissipates heat over the lamp.


Promote good air circulation

It is vital to ensure optimum circulation of air inside the growing tent to prevent hot spots. This will also ensure that your plants grow healthy and their leaves and stems grow stronger. Make sure you invest in oscillating fans or have a lot of fans, alternating directions since getting leaves in different directions is a must, as this copy of natural movement in an outdoor environment further believes that the key is to have a fan tent in every corner of your growth.

Room insulation

A well-insulated room usually helps regulate the temperature of a growing tent, as it is not based on outdoor environmental conditions. In some cases, lighting can be the main cause of dangerous heat spikes, although in most cases this may simply be due to poor insulation, especially if you have a planting tent located directly under a hot roof. Ground insulation is a cooler way because the soil provides natural insulation. So in order to cool your tent, you may want to consider quarantining your room.

Post time: Oct-30-2021