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  • New Leaf Trimmer Tool Revolutionizes Marijuana Cultivation

    A new tool for more efficient and effective trimming of marijuana leaves has been making waves in the industry. Known as a leaf trimmer, this tool has the potential to revolutionize the way marijuana is cultivated and processed. Traditionally, trimming marijuana leaves has been a time-consuming a...
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  • If you want to improve the overall appearance of your cannabis plants, there are several steps you can take

    If you want to improve the overall appearance of your cannabis plants, there are several steps you can take. Here are some tips to help make your cannabis plants look their best: Choose the right strain: Some strains of cannabis naturally grow taller and bushier than others, so choose a strain th...
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  • Jones Soda Launches New Big Cannabis Drink Mary Jones

    This week Jones Soda Co. announced the expansion of Mary Jones’ cannabis-based beverage line with the launch of a new 16-ounce cannabis can in California. Following the debut of 12-ounce cannabis drinks under the Mary Jones brand, new large cannabis drinks filled with 100mg of THC, the most...
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  • Cannabis drinks: companies looking to capitalize on a growing market

    You can smoke, smoke, eat. Now that more and more US states are legalizing recreational marijuana, companies are betting that people will want to drink it too. Weed-infused drinks are popping up in more and more places, and major beverage companies have entered the market, including Pabst Blue Ri...
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  • How to make your garden more beautiful?

    How to make your garden more beautiful?

    Do you want to add vertical interest to your garden? Planting perennial flowers will help you with this. Tall perennials have many benefits for outdoor gardens. Although they are mainly grown for aesthetics, these plants look amazing behind the border. They are tall enou...
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  • What can be done to promote greater diversity in the legal cannabis industry?

    What can be done to promote greater diversity in the legal cannabis industry?

    After nearly a month of negotiations, a compromise bill designed to help the legal marijuana industry grow and make it more equitable emerged just before midnight Sunday and quickly passed the House and Senate. The bill (S 3096) aims to promote greater diversity in the legal cannabis industry, st...
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  • AeroGarden Smart Garden Review: Dummy Hydroponics

    Do you love being your own home cook and want fresh herbs at your fingertips?Are you looking for easy-to-get pesto basil or landscaping canned marinara sauce?Then a Smart Garden might be just what you need – especially the AeroGarden Smart Garden. The unit is designed to take all the guessw...
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  • 3 Reasons Cannabis is Good For The Environment

    3 reasons cannabis is good for the environment The legalization of marijuana is a hot topic across the United States.People are more interested than ever in what this plant has to offer, and cannabis products ranging from simple pre-rolls to uniquely shaped glass bubbler...
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  • Gordy's gift and garden ready for summer planting

    DULUTH, Minn. — As the weather warms, people are preparing their gardens for summer. The shelves at Gordy’s Gift and Garden Centre are stocked.Has all types of gardening equipment, seeds, vegetable plants and their most popular flower, the petunia.Business is picking up quickly and people a...
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  • Thailand legalizes marijuana but discourages smoking: NPR

    Rittipomng Bachkul celebrates the first customer of the day after buying legal cannabis at Highland Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, Thursday, June 9, 2022.Sakchai Lalit/AP hide title bar The first customer of the day, Rittipomng Bachkul, celebrates after purchasing legal cannabis at Highland Cafe in B...
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  • Thailand's relaxed cannabis laws now what you can and can't do

    Bloomberg Monitor: An Early Edition Live from London with Francine Laqua, bringing insights into global markets and the day's top business stories. Wall Street overnight is European morning.Bloomberg Daybreak Europe broadcasts live from London, tracking breaking news fr...
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  • UC Davis to build new greenhouse to protect American vine collection

    This growth can be traced back to the establishment of Brick City Greenhouse in 2015. Wills and fellow co-founders Fred Kinch (Head of Content) and Ashley Schofield (Head of Creative) have a bona fide with big agencies, but find themselves annoyed by what comes with it. “When we opened the ...
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